April 2021
How to share intellectual property after divorce
Intellectual property refers to the intangible idea that is built out of mind creativity and yields good returns to inventors. When it comes to dividing property in a divorce, it may be a headache to get through all the possessions in a marriage. From deciding what to do with the house to figure out who...
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Is there right timing to tell children about parent divorce?
Is there a recommended time when children should the truth about parent divorce? This has been the toughest hurdle especially with couples working on divorce. No parent wants to do anything intentionally that could harm their child. But unfortunately, you must sometimes make decisions that lead to this, anyway. When you are going through a...
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Spousal support rights have been enshrined in Texas statutory laws governing spousal support and maintenance after the occurrence of divorce. Divorcing couples may enter into a mutual agreement in which one person pays the other to help with living expenses. Texas courts refer to this type of support as “contractual alimony.” If divorcing couples cannot...
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