Child Custody FAQ

What happens if the kids are out of school for a federal, state, or local holiday?

What are the issues that need to be resolved?

How do we determine when a holiday starts & ends?

Joint and Sole Custody in the state of Texas

How is summer vacation handled in regards to child custody?

How is summer vacation handled in regards to child custody?

Can you modify a child support order?

Child support consequences

What if i have a child with special needs?

Guideline child support in Texas

Legal standard for child support modification

Legal standard to modify child custody

How are medical decisions handled?

Modifying child support when you have a new child

Who gets to make the educational decisions?

Who has the right to make therapeutic decisions?

Can you deviate from a visitation schedule in a court order?

Can you seek to change the primary parent within a year of the order being signed?

What do you do if have false child abuse claim?

What does significant impairment mean?

What provisions must be followed if the court is going to put restrictions on a parent's rights and duties concerning their child?

What rights and duties do parents have under the Texas Family Code?

What Texas Family Code Provisions are incorrectly applied from time to time?

What do you need to prove to file a modification of conservatorship or possession and access in Texas?

What to do if you forget to designate your periods of extended summer possession?

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