Spousal Support

Spousal Support Requests In A Divorce

There are some situations under which spousal support can be granted by the court.  

Many couples, during their marriage, treat their finances as an ‘all for one, and one for all’ situation. This scenario can come to a dramatic halt once spouses separate and begin divorce proceedings.

Income and separate property and assets can vary considerably between two divorcing spouses, and a spousal support request may be the most effective way to allow the less-earning partner to continue a reasonable standard of living.

Support requests can shape your financial future after the divorce, whether you are making a request or have received such a request.

The attorneys of the Eggleston Law Firm, PC, have years of experience assisting clients in calculating child support & Spousal requests and determining how the courts may respond to support requests.

Factors That Impact Requests For Support

An important point related to the concept of spousal support in Texas is that the court starts with the presumption that the person making the request must prove their need for the money.

Factors that can be used to document this need include:

  • The requesting spouse cannot earn a sufficient income due to a mental or physical disability
  • The marriage lasted longer than 10 years, and the requesting spouse is unable to earn enough income to provide for their basic needs
  • The spouses have a child with special needs, which prevents the custodial spouse from earning sufficient income to support themself or the child
  • The person receiving the support request has been convicted of family violence against the other spouse or their child during the marriage and within two years of the divorce proceedings

If the court accepts a request for spousal support, the judge will review the individual circumstances of both spouses. Our divorce firm can examine your situation and provide guidance on what level of support may be approved.

If your circumstances change after the divorce is finalized, we can assist you with a request for a modification to the spousal support order.

Bring Us Your Spousal Support Questions

If spousal support requests are part of your divorce, our firm will provide you with sound legal guidance and represent your best interests.

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