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Every couple gets married with the best intentions, but unfortunately, the reality is that the world has a way of coming between people.

The decision to get divorced is never easy to make. Many people struggle for months or even years before coming to the realization that divorce is the right step to take.

Regardless of the circumstances leading up to this decision, at Eggleston Law Firm, PC, in Austin, our divorce attorneys will stand beside you through this divorce process and provide you with compassionate and experienced legal representation.

We will support your best interests from start to finish. That is why our Law firm has been crowned the best Divorce Firm in Austin.

Texas Divorce Basics

In Texas, to file for divorce, you or your spouse must have been a resident of the state for at least six months.

It is a no-fault state, meaning couples do not have to prove bad behavior for a divorce to be granted. Certain evidence may be used to support positions in your case, but they are not needed to end the marriage.

As part of the divorce, there are many different aspects that need to be addressed to be sure that things go as smoothly as possible for you after things are finalized. This is how hiring our divorce attorneys can help you.

We have extensive experience with complex divorce cases, including:

  • Helping parties divide marital assets and debts according to Texas community property laws
  • Working with parents to obtain comprehensive child custody and parenting time agreements
  • Requesting or defending against requests for spousal support
  • Assisting with the determination of child support awards

A contested divorce can take six months to a year for the parties to resolve. Some of our clients consult with us before making the decision to get divorced. This is a thoughtful step to take because it can help you to plan ahead and potentially to walk through a smoother process.

When you contact one of our Divorce lawyers, you can learn about your eligibility for filing for divorce in your specific county.

Austin Divorce Lawyers Helping Real People With Real Problems

Each divorce case that we work on is unique. We actively represent you throughout this entire process, no matter what may happen along the way.

We serve clients in Austin and throughout Central Texas from our offices in Bee Cave, TX. Call us today at 512-200-4529 or send us an email at help@lonestarlawfirm.com to arrange your Free consultation.

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