3 Tips to Help Make Co-parenting Easier After Divorce

Most parents who are facing divorce want to make it as easy on their children as possible. Unless abuse is a factor, it is generally better to have both parents involved in the children’s lives. Co-parenting may seem daunting, however, especially in the beginning.

There are things that parents can do to help make the process a little smoother.

1. Separate feelings and behavior

Although one parent may feel animosity towards the other, it is important to set that aside and consider the needs of the children first.

According to HelpGuide.com, parents who successfully co-parent do not allow their feelings to dictate their actions. It is important for parents to always treat the other parent with respect in front of the kids, regardless of his or her feelings.

2. Establish a co-parenting plan

Parents can avoid a lot of frustration by creating a parenting plan. Having a clear idea of who will have the kids and when can save a lot of stress for everyone involved. Today’s Parent suggests revisiting that plan every couple of years to ensure that it still works.

3. Utilize effective forms of communication

For parents who struggle with communicating in a non-hostile manner, a phone conversation may not be the best option. Sometimes emails or texts are better forms of communication because people can think about what they want to say beforehand.

It is important to respond in a timely manner, however, regardless of the form of communication.

These steps may not feel easy for many parents going through a divorce. With practice, however, these tips can help make the processes easier for themselves and the children.