Cases Under Which Amendment Of Child Support Can Be Approved

Amendment of child support can be allowed in Texas under some scenarios that the court will determine under its merits.

What if your ex-spouse wants to modify child support and you do not want to? According to VeryWellFamily, either party can ask for a amendment of child support, and neither of you can prevent the other from doing so. You may not want your ex-spouse to ask for a modification for a variety of reasons.

Still, if there has been a substantial change of circumstances where one of you has had either increase or decrease in your income, it is that person’s right to ask for modification.

Some reasons you may want a modification is if your income has decreased, if you have lost your job or if you have had a reduction in your wages. Other reasons include if you were receiving commissions and are no longer getting it or if you previously received bonuses, and you are no longer receiving them.

Amendment of child support

Another reason is if you had a rental property and was collecting rent but does no longer have a tenant who is renting the property.

For you to get a modification, both of you will have to provide your income information. In other words, you have to produce your pay stubs or documentation from your employer as to your year-to-date income and your income in your income tax returns.

You will also need to present child care costs if you have any, and the cost of health care insurance. You will have to show which of you was paying for the insurance. You may also have to provide a list of your living expenses.

Child support will be calculated on your current information. Any change in the amount of support will be ordered if there has been a substantial change in either or both of your incomes and circumstances.