Is Joint Custody Right for Spouses in Texas?

Scientists claim that joint custody is best for children of divorce. Many studies have come out showing the potential damage that sole custody can do.

Divorcing Texas parents have to handle child custody on top of everything else. When deciding what option to go with, it is important to consider what is best for your child.

Today, we will take a look at joint versus sole custody and how each may affect children of divorce. 

For example, children of sole custody tend to have more difficulty relating to peers. They have a higher tendency to butt heads with authority as well. This can manifest at home or in the classroom.

Children of sole custody get into trouble more often at school because of this. They suffer from higher rates of depression and anxiety on top of that. 

Joint custody rights in Texas


On the other hand, children of joint custody seem to have an easier time adapting to life after the split. Studies speculate that this is because they have continued support from both parents. This is crucial for a developing child.

They learn how to model their relationships after what they see in their parents. If they witness their parents cooperating even after divorce, this tends to leave a positive impression. 

If you want to continue your reading about child custody matters, you can take a look at our linked web page here. Read about different child custody options, including sole and joint custody. You can also look into the benefits and drawbacks of many of these options to see what suits you best. 

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