How Child Support Enforcement is Achieved in Texas

Each year thousands of parents fail to pay child support in the state of Texas. Parents are put in a difficult situation, but it is the children who ultimately suffer. It is important for both parents to take part in supporting the children. This is why child support enforcement has to be done to ensure every responsible spouse pay for child’s need.

Verbal Agreements

Often, when divorced parents work together they can agree upon a fair payment system. However, it is important to legalize the child support payment plan with the court system. A verbal or written agreement between parents cannot be enforced if the paying parent stops making payments. Furthermore, months or years of past due support cannot be recovered if the case is not already in the system.

Establishing Court Ordered Child Support

Even if both parents have agreed upon a child support payment system, it is a good idea to hire a Texas family law attorney. Your lawyer will lead you through the process to be sure the necessary laws are followed. Texas state law outlines the factors involved in continued child support.

The law states that support must be paid by one or both parents until:

  • the child is 18 years old or graduates from high school.
  • the child is emancipated through marriage or other means.
  • the child is adopted.
  • the child’s death.
  • Support for disabled children can continue indefinitely.

Child support Enforcement

Enforcing Support in a Family Court

All child support orders obtained through the Texas court system are registered with the Texas Office of the Attorney General. When the custodial parent needs help with the enforcement of child support, they must apply to the state. The Office of the Attorney General can work to obtain delinquent support in several ways.

  • The delinquent parent’s cash resources like bank accounts can be seized.
  • Tax refunds can be intercepted.
  • A judgment may be placed for a lien against property.
  • The court may initiate withholding for current and past due payments to be paid simultaneously.

If payments are still not met, legal action will follow. Driver’s and professional license may be revoked, and jail time is a possibility.

If you are working to obtain child support owed to you, it is not something you should do alone. Contact a Texas family law attorney at Eggleston Law firm to get you the money you are owed. All children deserve to have the support of both parents, and without that support, a child’s life can be badly impacted.