How long after a Divorce can I Remarry?

Going through a divorce is almost never easy, but it’s important to know that many people don’t give up on the institution of marriage altogether. People remarry after divorce and start a new family.

In fact, although about 50% of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, close to 80%of people who have gotten divorced choose to remarry again. One good question to ask is, “How long do I have to wait after a divorce before I can remarry?”

Is My Divorce Final?

In some cases, it’s important to understand when your divorce is truly final. In some cases, a judge will grant you and your ex-spouse a “divorce nisi.” “Nisi” literally means “unless,” and a divorce nisi is one that’s final unless one of the parties changes their minds or unless someone lied about their property.

When to Remarry after getting divorce in Texas

In effect, a divorce nisi provides a waiting period between the time the judge grants the divorce and the day your divorce is final, or “absolute.”

Check Your State Laws

Various U.S. states have different waiting periods before a person can remarry after a divorce. In Texas, for example, you may have to wait 30 days; in other states, you may not have to wait at all.

It’s a good idea to call a family lawyer in Texas to determine when your divorce is final and how long your required waiting period might be before you can get married again.

Avoid Unintentional Bigamy

Family lawyer can help you negotiate the issue of remarriage after divorce and help prevent unintentional bigamy. Bigamy occurs when a person is unlawfully married to two spouses simultaneously.

Unfortunately, sometimes due to genuine miscommunication or misunderstanding, couples have gotten married before one or the other partner’s divorce was truly final and absolute.

If bigamy occurs, then the couple’s best option is to consult a family lawyer since this new marriage will most likely be legally invalid. They may have to get married all over again. In some states, especially if done for criminal reasons, bigamy is considered a felony.

Start On the Right Foot

Ultimately, divorce may represent a couple’s parting of the ways. However, new relationships and connections can bring us forward to a better future. Many second marriages benefit tremendously from lessons learned in the past.

Getting remarried after a divorce makes many couples pause and re-think important issues such as prenuptial agreements, joint and individual bank accounts, and trusts to protect the financial interests of their children. Understanding these considerations often requires professional consultation with a qualified attorney.

Eggleston Law Firm has helped numerous individual clients and couples negotiate the complex issues of divorce, remarriage, and family law in Texas. Offering free consultation for clients thinking about remarriage after divorce, Eggleston Law Firm will review your personal situation and help you find the best possible outcome for your new life and partnership.