How Long Can You Receive Child Support in Texas?

The act of considerations to receive child support in Texas can be a daunting process if you have never been through the situation before.

Although it seems pretty straightforward, there are a whole host of particular situations that can occur. If you have a minor child who is about to receive child support in the state of Texas, you are probably wondering how long they will be able to receive it and what conditions can either keep it established or mean it gets stopped. That will be the focus of this article.

On at least one front the law in Texas is pretty straightforward, however, in this state, if there is an order requiring child support for a minor it must remain in effect until they are at least 18 years old.

There are some areas where this will be lengthened and there are other areas where this could be reduced.

Here are some situations that can factor in:


One of these situations would be where your child is legally emancipated before they turn 18. In Texas, the law states that a child can legally become an adult at 16 and 17 and have “all the blessings and burdens of being genuinely independent” if certain situations are true.

First of all, the child can become legally emancipated before age 18 if they get married. Of course, this usually can only occur with parental permission. In some cases, the child may join the military at 17 but in that case, they also will need parental consent.

The other way that a child could possibly become emancipated would be if they are at least 16 and living apart from their parents. In that case, they can petition the court for emancipation.

Of course, the child must be self-supporting and have the ability to manage their own financial affairs. If that is the case, the parent of the child who is paying child support will no longer be held responsible for it.

How long should one receive child support


If you have a child who is disabled, this is a case where the child support could possibly be extended. If your child has a severe disability and you believe they should continue to receive child support payments after reaching the age of 18, then contact the Eggleston Law Firm and they will advise of your rights.

Of course, whether the child can continue to receive these child support payments depends on a number of different factors.

As part of a Divorce Settlement

Some individuals might enter into a divorce settlement where the party paying child support agrees to support the child until they graduate from college.

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As you can see, the child support arrangements in Texas can prove to be tricky. If you have a dependent who receives child support, you need to be aware of your rights.

Eggleston Law Firm can help you separate fact from fiction and help you receive the best outcome for your case, and this even includes whether your child’s supporting parent has quit their job or not. Call today for a consultation.

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