What Happens if I and my Spouse have Child Custody Dispute?

If you and your spouse are about to undergo a divorce and considering what would be the best solution for custody, you may experience some serious child custody dispute. If you cannot come to an agreement on child custody matters, it can put a strain on everyone involved, including your child(ren).

In this instance, you should seek out the assistance of a legal team for mediation.

Get Help from a Lawyer for any  Child Custody dispute

Though you may think that you can work things out to find a good solution between the two of you, child custody can be extremely tricky. Even if things have been smooth sailing during your separation and divorce proceedings, there is always the chance you will disagree on some minor or major aspect of how custody should be awarded and handled.

This is when you would do well to have an esteemed, quality legal team step in. Bear in mind that if you do not come to an agreement by the time you go to court over custody, the judge will make the decision for you.

Both parties should get to have a say, so you should talk about what you want and expect, as well as listen to your spouse’s/ex-spouse’s wishes. Work it out over one or more sessions going over the details with a lawyer or legal assistant.

Child custody dispute

Negotiation Is Key

There is a huge element of surprise involved when you leave the custody final decision up to the court. What they declare may be something entirely different than you and your child want. You can resolve the issues informally, or by going through alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which includes collaborative law and mediation.

ADR is your best bet when you want to avoid lengthy court proceedings and know you can come to an adequate agreement with the assistance of a third party to smooth over any potential hostilities.

A law firm such as Eggleston Law can provide you with step-by-step help with custody issues and related matters. When you feel at a loss about what to ask for and do not see eye-to-eye, do not despair.

We can make the process easier and help both of you come to an agreement that works for everyone involved. Put your trust in Attorney Bryan Eggleston, he will look after your best interests. We have been instrumental in helping people obtain favorable outcomes in their custody cases throughout Texas.