Visitation Rights and Emotional Trauma After Divorce

Divorce can be a bitter, nasty process for various reasons. However, when family law matters involve children, the emotional toll can be particularly intense for kids as well as their parents. That is why we have visitation rights to allow spouses to visit their children.

Sometimes, parents are not able to spend any time with their kids after a difficult divorce, such as those who have been accused of domestic violence (even if the allegations were made up by an ex who wanted to jeopardize one’s ability to see the kids).

We know how emotionally traumatizing these scenarios can be and believe that parents in this position need to have a good understanding of their visitation rights.

If you are currently unable to visit your kids, you may be extremely depressed and you may also be struggling with high levels of anxiety. You should try your best to remain calm and take a methodical approach to your circumstances.

Visitations rights of the divorced Spouses

By pursuing visitation rights in an appropriate manner and having a firm knowledge of their legal rights, many non-custodial parents struggling with this situation have been able to restore their ability to see their kids.

When a parent is denied visitation, this can also place a lot of emotional strain on their child. It is unfortunate that children often get caught in the middle of tough divorces, and our law office believes that it is imperative to reduce the impact of the divorce process on kids.

There may be various factors to review before seeking visitation rights and every parent is in a unique position, which is why taking a tailored approach to these legal matters is so vital.