When Broken Promises Lead to Divorce

There are countless reasons why a couple’s marriage may crumble, such as infidelity and financial problems. Sometimes, marriages fall apart due to broken promises.

There are many different promises that people may make prior to their marriage, such as agreeing to have children (or to go through life without kids), promising to stay faithful, and making key commitments related to one’s career or relocation.

However, these promises may be broken for various reasons, which can lead to friction within a marriage—and ultimately a divorce.

In a number of marriages, these broken promises can be addressed via counseling and couples are able to salvage their marriage.

Broken Promises Lead to Divorce

For example, speaking with a therapist could help each spouse come to terms with their partners’ change of heart or other factors that may prevent them from living up to expectations that were present prior to the wedding.

For example, one spouse may be unhappy with their partner’s refusal to have kids, but they may accept this fact after looking at the situation from their spouse’s viewpoint (whether a couple cannot afford kids, one spouse decides they do not want to raise children, etc.).

Whether you have not been able to live up to your spouse’s expectations in some regard or you want out of your marriage because your partner has not been able to keep critical promises, it is vital to prepare carefully if divorce is unavoidable.

The approach that you take could significantly impact your future. If you want to learn more about the different legal aspects of getting a divorce, spend more time browsing our website.