Why Hiring an Experienced Family Lawyer is Essential

Many people who go through a divorce feel like their spouse has changed from the person they once knew into someone who likes to argue and will not agree on anything. This can make trying to negotiate a parenting plan or a settlement agreement a frustrating or even impossible process. Hiring an experienced family lawyer can help make going through a divorce or child custody case much easier.

Child Custody Disputes

Child custody is one of the most frequently contested issues in a divorce. Almost a quarter of divorces in Texas in 2013 affected two or more children.

In some cases, parents are able to agree on how they will raise their children after separation. A family lawyer can help these families incorporate their agreements into paperwork in a divorce.

In cases where parents cannot agree and each wants to fight for full legal and physical custody of their children, a judge will need to consider the relationship each parent has with their children and make a decision based on the best interests of the children.

Experienced Family Lawyer

An experienced family law attorney can present the most favorable facts of your case through testimony and other evidence.

Child custody cases can get ugly because a judge will want to hear about the negative facts of the case as well as the positive side. In cases where the other side is lying, an experienced family law attorney can cross-examine witnesses to demonstrate to the judge hearing the case that their client is more credible.

An experienced family lawyer can also draft motions that will make a huge impact on the case such as petitions for immediate drug testing and petitions for emergency custody if an unusual situation like an arrest of the other parent occurs.

Establishing Father’s Rights

In cases where parents of a child were not married when a child was born, the father of the child will need to file a petition to determine paternity to establish visitation rights. This is true even if his name is listed on the birth certificate. Mothers who are not receiving child support may need to file a petition to determine paternity to begin receiving child support.

An experienced family law attorney can help fathers fight for custody in cases where the mother of their child has denied them access to their child.

Child Support

In Texas, child support is calculated based on the paying parent’s wages. In cases where a child has an unusual medical or educational need, judges may deviate from the standard calculation. Parents can also agree on an amount the non-custodial parent will pay.

An experienced family law attorney can help parents who need to establish child support payments as well as non-custodial parents who need to request a modification because their job situation has changed. It is important not to wait if you need a modification since judges rarely modify child support orders retroactively.

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